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Rules of the "Free returns on Tuvalum bicycles" promotion

Rules of the "Free returns on Tuvalum bicycles" promotion

1. What does it consist of?

Buyers of bicycles whose seller is Tuvalum and request delivery of their order in Spain can request a free return of bicycles purchased in Tuvalum (including return shipping).

2. Promotion duration

Buyers whose purchase is finalized between February 11, 2019 and February 24, 2019, both included, can take advantage of this promotion. Completed purchase means:
  • Card and Paypal payments: the buyer has received a purchase confirmation by email.
  • Payments by transfer: the buyer has made the transfer and it has been received in the Tuvalum account.
  • Financed payments (only available in Spain): the buyer has received confirmation from the financial institution that their financing request has been approved.

3. Return request

It must be done by the buyer and always in writing by sending an email to within 14 calendar days following receipt of your order, indicating in the subject line “Free return request”.

4. Return procedure

Once the return request is received, Tuvalum will contact the buyer by return email to request a pick-up date for the bicycle in question, at the same address where the purchase was delivered. Said collection date is at the discretion of the buyer but in no case may it be more than five business days immediately following the delivery date of the purchase. The buyer must have the bicycle ready for collection on the chosen date with Tuvalum in conditions identical to how they received it:
  • Without any type of use, marks or stains and clean.
  • In the same box, sealed with packing tape on all edges and without cracks or damage to the box.
  • Placed inside the box in the same position and on the same protective cardboard supports.
  • Including all accessories, manuals, certificate of conformity, labels and other elements received.
Before the chosen collection date, the buyer must send the following color photographs with a minimum resolution of 8 megapixels by email to indicating in the subject “Free return photographs”:
  • A photograph of the bicycle on each of the two sides and with sufficient lighting so that its condition can be seen in detail.
  • A photograph of the bicycle placed inside the box in the original position and with the original cardboard protective supports, pending closing and sealing the box.
  • Two photographs of the sealed box (one for each main side).

5. Return compliance

Once the bicycle is collected, Tuvalum will have up to 10 days to give its approval and refund the buyer using the same original payment method. In the event that the buyer has not followed the return procedure, Tuvalum reserves the right to deduct an amount from the amount to be refunded as return costs. This amount will be thirty euros (€30). If the bicycle is not in identical conditions to those described in the return procedure such that it is not possible to sell it as a bicycle in the same condition, Tuvalum reserves the right to not accept the return and request from the buyer thirty euros (30 €) for shipping costs back to the delivery address of the original purchase.
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