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Routes to go out on a mountain bike in the province of Soria

Routes to go out on a mountain bike in the province of Soria

Soria, paradigm of the so-called 'emptied Spain', is however a land that is beginning to exploit cycle tourism as an activity that is attracting visitors and investment to the area. The province is full of places of great interest for mountain biking, such as the Río Lobos Canyon, the Pinares de Urbión, the Sierra de Cabrejas or the semi-desert terrain of Medinaceli or Arcós de Jalón. In addition, it has towns and cities full of history and monuments, such as the capital itself, Burgo de Osma, Almazán or Medinaceli.

Lobos River Canyon Route

An essential mountain bike route if you visit Soria and one of the most attractive in this guide. We enter the area of ​​the Cañón del Río Lobos Natural Park. A karst relief formed by the river that leaves rock formations of great beauty, chasms, caves and pools that can be explored along very fun trails. In addition, we will momentarily cross into the province of Burgos to go up to the Canyon viewpoint from Hontoria del Pinar, where we will contemplate spectacular views of the Canyon's surroundings and its gorges. A route halfway between XC and Trail that is affordable for any mid-level biker with minimal experience in mountain biking.
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Mode: XC / Trail
  • Distance: 62.6 kilometers
  • Elevation difference: 690 meters
  • Route type: Circular
  • Start/end: Ucero
  • See the route track on Wikiloc

Celtiberian Ring Route

The Celtiberian Ring is a great route that can be done by mountain bike or on foot in stages and that covers a good part of the province, visiting the places where the first Celtiberian settlers of the province settled. This route corresponds to the first stage, starting in Soria capital and arriving in Sotillo del Rincón. An affordable route up to kilometer 40, following the course of the Duero River towards the north and passing through places of great scenic interest such as the Campillo de Buitrago reservoir or the viewpoint of Mount Valonsadero.
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Mode: XC / Trail
  • Distance: 62.7 kilometers
  • Elevation difference: 826 meters
  • Type of route: Linear
  • Start/end: Soria / Sotillo del Rincón
  • See the route track on Wikiloc

Route of the White Mountains

The south of the province of Soria, near the towns of Medinaceli and Arcos de Jalón, is a very interesting place to plan a mountain bike route. Wild, almost lunar landscapes with white limestone plateaus form a unique landscape on which to ride. In Arcos de Jalón there is precisely a mountain bike center of the same name that prepares and operates routes through this unique natural environment. One of those routes is this one of the Montes Blancos, quite affordable and even suitable for gravel, with spectacular views of the Jalón valley on its Sorian and Aragonese slopes or the beautiful path parallel to the Valladar stream ravine.
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